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Cookie Policy


​In compliance with EU law, Cappello Group guarantees that each user of the website understands what the cookies are and for which reason they are used, so that the users themselves can decide consciously if they would like to accept their use or not. A cookie is a small text file that contains an unambiguous identification code transferred from the website on the hard disk of your device through an anonymous code able to identify the computer but not the user and to passively control your activities on the website. The cookies can be classified in four categories, according to their functionalities:


Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are essential in order to allow the websurfing and the use of its functionalities, such as the access to some protected areas. Without these cookies, some requested functionalities such as the log in to the website or the creation of a shopping cart could not be performed.


  1. Performance cookies: these cookies collect information on how the users use the website, for example the most visited pages or error messages received from these latter. These cookies do not collect information that identifies a specific user. All the information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous; it is used only to improve the functioning of the website.

  2. Functional cookies: these cookies allow the website to record the choices that you have done (such as your username, your language or the geographical area where you live) in order to improve and deliver more advanced functionalities. These cookies can be moreover used to give functionalities requested by the users, such as the visualization of a video or the chance to comment on a blog. This information collected by the cookies can be anonymous and it must not trace the websurfing and the activities of the user on other websites.

  3. Targeting cookies: they are used in order to allow the functions use of “share” and “I like it” and send information to other websites for the customization of the relative advertising ads.


Some functionalities of our websites can be reduced or not available by disabling the cookies.


Active cookies on our websites


The following list describes the main cookies actually used on this website that is our property:


Session cookie


The session cookies allow to websites to record the data on the status of the serialization. In the website, they are used to establish a session and to communicate the status data through a temporary cookie, the so called session cookie. As this latter has no expiry date, it disappears when the client is closed.



This website uses cookies of:


·  Facebook


if you give the relevant consent, you can treat your personal data in order to allow a websurfing experience enriched by functionalities and services of social networks



·  Google Analytics


It is an analysis service delivered by Google Inc. ("Google"). The information created by the cookies on your use of the website (included your IP address) will be sent and stored on the Google servers that will use this information in order to trace and examine your use of the website, fill in some reports on the activities executed on the website and deliver other services pertaining to the activities and the use of Internet.




·  YouTube


if you give the relevant consent, you can treat your personal data in order to allow a websurfing experience enriched by functionalities and services of social network and similar to that. 


For the personal data treatment that, prior consent, third parties not known by Cappello Group may put in place through the cookies by connecting to this link and exploiting the relative service, you can customize your choices:

We remind you that if you have done your choices by websurfing on the pages of this website as non-registered user, your privacy options will be valid only when you will visit again the same pages by using the same browser and always as non-registered user. If, on the other hand, you use a different device or simply a different browser, we will not be able to recognize your options and we will propose therefore the privacy police notice, by asking you to execute again your choices.


If lastly, you are an already registered user in our services or you register later and during the registration procedure, you execute or you have already executed some different choices regarding the profiling, such options will be valid only when you will be surfing on the pages of our websites after the log in.


In order to limit, block or cancel the cookies, it is enough to adjust the settings of your web browser. The procedure is slightly different according to the different types of browser used. For further information and support, it is also possible visit the help page specific of the browser that you are using:




Google Chrome


Internet Explorer






Safari iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

If the used browser is not included in the list proposed, select the function “Help” on your web browser in order to get further information on the procedure.

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