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Shutter mm 62 Central Joing mm 106,3 Casements  mm 140

Cappello Group spa introduces, in the range of thermal break aluminum profiles Eklip, the new lift & slide system MOVE140, intended for large mirroring of contemporary architecture, minimal and with a high living comfort.
The unique opportunity to radically transform your spaces, breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside, with a high thermal and mechanical resistance.

Designed and manufactured within Cappello Group spa's facilities, the new lift & slide system MOVE140 was conceived with the intention of offering the market a high-quality product at a sustainable price, in line with the philosophy of all Eklip products.


A product able to reach exceptional dimensions thanks to the payload of the carriages, capable of supporting doors weighing up to 400 kg. The new MOVE140 Eklip also allows to obtain excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance over time, thanks to its structure of the aluminum profiles, slim and extremely resistant.

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