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Shutter mm 65. Central joint mm 68,5. Casements mm 57/60/65/68

With the profiles of the set EK68 TH, Eklip introduces the set of high thermal performances. The mechanical resistance guaranteed by the aluminium bars is put next to the brand-new technology of low lambda thermal insulation, an evolution process compared to the installation of the classic polyamide bars, which can reduce the thermal conductivity of the material of 30% in relation to the standard ones.



The EK68TH set foresees the application of the profiles with absolute versatility for the manufacturing of French windows (doors), classical windows, vasistas, pivot hinge, awning, parallel sliding windows and the chance to create front doors. For each solution EK53TH the exclusive aesthetic sets Life, Minimal and Glamour are available in RAL colours and Special Krom Cappello Group, moreover in the wood style finish of Decorlegno and with anodization.

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